To ensure that our partner businesses have the latest technology and processes to maximize their accounting systems. Our vision is to do this as a trusted member of your team and seamlessly deliver on your behalf.

Controller and CFO Duties

  • Strategic Business Review
  • Budget Review
  • Variance Analysis
  • Cash Flow Management


Tax Services

  • Preparation of Corporate Returns
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Administration and Representation
  • HST consolidation and tracking


Jason Baybutt

Jason has been involved in accounting and finance for Canadian businesses for over twenty years.  He specializes in business consulting, organizational optimization and systems implementation.

In his free time Jason enjoys playing hockey, skiing, golfing, attending concerts, and spending time with family and friends.


Our Vision

Financial Statement Preparation

  • Notice to Reader Financial Statements
  • Financial Statements for Audits or Reviews
  • General Accounting Support in Vancouver


Nelson Lamb CPA

Nelson has over 6 years’ of accounting experience, specializing in small and medium sized Canadian companies.  He specializes in financial statement preparation, Controller activities, and guiding companies through reviews and audits.

Nelson is a certified Chartered Professional Accountant.

In his free time Nelsons enjoys hiking, snowboarding, kayaking, and spending as much time in the outdoors as possible.

Bookkeeping Services

  • Cloud and On-line Accounting
  • Day to Day certified bookkeeping services in Vancouver.
    • Bank Reconciliations
    • Invoicing
    • Expense Reports
  • Payroll Accounting Service
  • Sales Tax Returns

Our Team

Nanuk Warman CPA

Nanuk has over 15 years’ experience providing Canadian businesses with consulting services, financial statement preparation, and operational guidance.

Nanuk is a certified Chartered Professional Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst.

In his free time Nanuk enjoy skiing, travelling, and spending time with his wife and daughter.

Our Solutions

Gary Chan CPA

Gary has over 11 years’ of accounting experience, specializing in preparation of financial statements, bookkeeping, full-cycle accounting, account reconciliations and payroll. Gary also facilitates Notice to Reader engagements, corporate tax returns, budgeting, and variance analysis.

Gary is a certified Chartered Professional Accountant.

In his free time Gary enjoys analyzing sports, travelling, watching movies, and spending time with his wife and son.

Yury Timofeev

Yury specializes in bookkeeping, vendor management, invoice management, and reconciling customer accounts.

Yury is planning on completing the Chartered Professional Accounting designation.

In his free time Yury enjoys reading, skiing, and playing tennis.

Atsushi Kameda CPA (Japan)

Atsushi has over 5 years’ of accounting experience and specializes in financial statement preparation, Notice to Reader Financial Statements, audit management, Cloud Accounting, and Controller duties.

In his free time Atsushi enjoys travelling, skiing, and watching sports.